The A.'.A.'. Student's College

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The A.'.A.'. entered a Period of Silence on April 8th 2004ev 12 noon -- the A.'.A.'. does not accept new Probationers in Periods of Silence. However, there is the A.'.A.'. Student College. The Student College functions as an independent arm of the A.'.A.'.. Anyone who so desires a course of study in the mysteries either as a foundation for further studies or simply as an end in itself may apply for membership in the Student College.

The Student Grade is available to those interested in a study of the mysteries under the watchful eye of an A.'.A.'. Instructor. Students who make sufficient progress may proceed to a Probationary status if their instructor deems their diligence worthy of such a step. Thus, the student who is particularly inspired by their study may be recognized automatically as a Probationer when the A.'.A.'. next passes into speech and even be eligible for further advancement at that time should they have performed well as a student.

A H.O.O.R. member who is interested in the Student College can ask their Temple or Lodge Master to provide them with Student College contact information. Others who may be not members of H.O.O.R. and may wish to associate with the Student College, may write to Us at:


A.'.A.'. Student College, 
c/o Timo F. Knopf, 
Hildegardstr. 22, 
44809 Bochum, Germany.

The Period of Silence ends on April 8th 2009ev.

Love is the law, love under will.

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