H.O.O.R. Pan-Europa:
past, present, future

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There is a flame. It is the flame of freedom which burns in the hearts of the children of Europe. The Holy Order Of RaHoorKhuit rises from the ashes of those who have gone before Us and it serves Us as a torchbearer of the Law; and the word of the Law is THELEMA. Gradually, a movement in Germany once again emerges which others would prefer to believe forgotten. Let me tell those, those said to be dead, live longer! Thelema is not only a word out of a 100 year old scripture, it is a way of life and a cultural movement. It is the lore of Light, Love, Life and Liberty. Few indeed are called; but of these few, many are chosen. 

Thelema has had a difficult path, and especially did the confusion of the world wars in the 20th century era vulgaris contribute to this. Still, Germany is proud to have brought forth one of the most important representatives of the Thelema Movement: Karl Johannes Germer, Frater Saturnus X° O.T.O., Master of the Temple 8=3 of the A.'.A.'. (1885-1962ev). Owing to his contacts with Crowley, the Nazis put him into a concentration camp, but Germer escaped, first to Belgium, then to England. Eventually Mr. Germer emmigrated to the USA. He was Crowley's successor in all important offices, he took the lead of the Outer Order as well as the position as Chancellor of the A.'.A.'. (the latter position he had in fact held since 1925ev). Under his leadership, the movement underwent a contraction : at the time of his death, Germer had but one loyal student, the Brasilian Marcelo Ramos Motta (1931-1987ev). 

This Brasilian was made the successor to Germer. Motta, living in Brasil, received a telegraph in October 1962ev, sent from Herr Germer's wife, with the following text: "Our master is dead. You are the Follower. Take it from me, as he died in my arms and it was his last wish." Motta fought long with this burden, but eventually he would take up the responsibility and proclaim himself the Authority of the Thelema Movement. He reconstructed the rituals of the Outer Order, purged them of the bombast of the victorian masons, and thus he presented a new system of Initiation. In doing this, he completed the task of his predecessor, Herr Germer, who was advised by the Great Beast himself: "You should consider a complete change of the system -- the secret is the basis, and you must select the proper people." 

Motta faced a lot of problems concerning his own personal work. He also faced problems in his attempts to establish a Thelemic Movement under his leadership. His system of the "Society O.T.O.", which was the above mentioned reformulation of the Outer Order, nevertheless was able to attract followers in Australia, Great Britain, and North and South America. 

These small local groups worked the new system of Initiation, especially in Nashville, Tennessee. Motta, like Germer, did not leave a large organization behind him when he died, but he did leave a few very loyal disciples. One of those disciples was ordered to found a new Outer Order (Motta believed that the OTO as an outer order had served its purpose and was spent). It took some time untill this disciple attained mastership himself -- or would admit the fact to himself so the new Order had to wait for the moment. 

In the year 1992ev this disciple of Motta's, Frater 939.'., set in motion the Holy Order of RaHoorKhuit. A mystical description of these events is given in the "History Lection of H.O.O.R." Simultaneously, certain aspirants in Germany started their search for the center of the Movement of the New Aeon. Their quest lead them on many sidepaths and into quite a few dead-ends, and then they realized that there was no outer manifestation of the Great White Brotherhood left in Europe. The old center of enlightenment had become a spiritual desert. Although these aspirants were far from mastership themselves, they founded their own Order, which had as its prime goal to find "the Light of the World" himself, the Master of the Temple of the A.'.A.'., to make him the Head of their Order. The quest took seven long years, and there only was success when they had already given up; "For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect." And they found him at Villa Corvus, an Abbey of THELEMA, in Terra Flores. 

Thus, the european brothers affiliated with the Movement of the Master 939.'., and soon they built a Temple of Initiation, as it is written, "the temple must first be built before the god can indwell it." A sister, who had been searching for just as long, for the Thelema Movement, soon was welcomed into the Temple. Many others soon followed. A year later this Temple became Aton Lodge. Since then the Sisters and Brothers of this lineage have worked assiduously for their aim: the Establishing of the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit on earth, and the strengthening of the regency of Heru-Ra-Ha. And thus has the desert flowered in new fertility. 

In the Name of Our Lady BABALON
And in the Name of the Beast on which she rideth;
Glory be to the WARRIORS of the LVX Europae. 

Love is the law, love under will.

Terra Trema

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