H.O.O.R. History in Poland

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Among perfect, undisturbed darkness and silence, there arose a hawk’s shriek. He flew over ground and water. With fire in his sight, heart and tongue, he awoke from dreaming those, which a moment before were sleeping blissful in dreams. 

The Light was glittering in them, as long as they remembered. It was as a little spark, lost in darkness of night . Thanks to Her, they constantly sought this splendid reality which they were part of. 

Those who heard the distant hawk's shriek, or perceived glitter of his majesty and strength, from the youngest years they began to study the secrets of nature. Their hearts with longing sought the Adept’s Mountain. 

With time, they found scattered crumbs of knowledge about this, what is Love, Liberty , Life and Light. Finally, they find out what is Law. 

Discovering the Book became the beginning of the new wandering. Adept's Mountain appeared finally among foggy plains of worldly reality. 

When they began their wandering, they quickly met other wanderers on the path, walking in the same way. Unfortunately, only a few of them desired to attain the peak of a distant mountain. And even less of them, had enough strength to do it. The Road seemed to be infinitely long and rugged. 

Although they were surrounded by the people all around, they became lonely in their wandering. Loneliness meanwhile, brings danger of falling in delusion of thyself. 

But their aim was true understanding, being far beyond borders marked by ego. Therefore, wandering, they were looking for the flame of aspiration, which burns in the hearts of all true adepts. 

Pure aspiration of their will, finally plait theirs fates together. Wandering together, they helped themselves to throw back the obstacles encountered on the path, and to defeat their own weaknesses. Together with it, gradually they learnt the essence of true Fraternity. 

Adept's Mountain unto which they walk so persistently, with every day became more and more in focus. From once a troubled idea, she became something constantly present and real, they saw paths, caves and fissures, which adorned her. They understood how difficult a thing it is to reach the Peak among the wealth’s of the Mountain. 

During the whole this wandering, they encountered numerous mentions about Masters that reside at the Peak of the Mountain. However, access to Mountain was guarded by many guards. Every one of them was armed in knowledge and understanding, in order to keep away unprepared wanderers from the traps of the Mountain. 

Standing finally at base of the Adept's Mountain, they noticed quickly, how hard is to take the next step. They knew, that only by making contact with Great White Brotherhood that reside at the Mountain, they could with sureness, reach that path leading onto the Peak which stands open before them. 

Their search, for a long time was fruitless. People which they met, although they called themselves masters, led them instead of to the Peak, to numerous hills, or at edge of gulfs, saying: "This is the Mountain". 

There were also such "masters", which knew the smaller paths of mountain, in exchange for gifts brought from foggy plains of worldly reality, they led them on twisted paths, and then abandoned them somewhere on the rocky wastes, where to reside by themselves. 

Persistence, however has the salty taste of sadness and bitterness of renouncement at the beginning, finally becomes sweetness of joy. One of the Adepts, after when that died in him the hope of finding the contact with the succession of the masters, he perceived the silver thread of his fate, which although spun to distant land, the place where she brought him, spread the unusual glitter, which he had experienced nowhere before. When the day was equal with night again, he reached that place in which he found other adepts, which came here, led by the same thread. He also found out, that end of this thread, holds with strong palm, Master. 

Brothers which he met did not convince him to join them or to stay with them. Instead of this, he had alone to be sure that he found the right place. Then he had to take an oath, that he will not turn back on his way, nor that he will abandon his brothers or refuse to help anybody would ask him for it. Now, when he formed the link of true brotherhood, he received the weapon with which he freed himself from chains which hold him from further wandering. So he went back to his native lands, where were waiting for him his companions on the path. Meanwhile, they perceived, that he returned carrying in him the majesty of Horus. 

Fraternity to which they joined, from the rights of it simplicity of rules and discipline was named the Holy Order of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. The rule of order however was not the sleepy submissiveness and calmness provided the consciousness in existence, but the glitter of the power and the fire that transform her into Gold. 

Those Adepts swore to light up flame among native grounds. Flame that can light up passion of waking up from dream consciousness. 

First battle which they fight, was the raising of the Temple in which flamed fire of the Gnosis. This Temple was named Mentu Temple, because it is Mentu who wakes from dream the Light, and by his flames he turns into ash every obstacles on the path. 

The gates of Mentu Temple are open for all those, whose heart’s are pure in aspiration and which desire further expansion of the Light. In secret fire there is forged weapons for the brave, strong and royal. For those, who are worthy to cross the threshold of HOOR Temple. 

Love is the law, love under will.

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