Aphorisms for the Perplexed

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

1. True Will is a going, as long as you realize that there is something called True Will you do not have it.

2. The Book of the Law is a dry sheath of paper pulp until you seal it up into your heart.

3. Liber OZ is a manifesto of Thelemic birthright, sovereignty, but only Liber AL and the Holy Books detail how to change our birthright into our LVX and NOX.

4. Liber OZ serves the Lover and the man of Earth.

5. Liber OZ is the dust on the ground of the Hermit's stride.

6. Liber AL is nourishment to them all.

7. Those willing to dissolve their lives in the life of the Order are called Lovers.

8. They, fearing not dissolution, yearn for the ecstasy of the stars.

9. The Hermit keeps his or her elements separate until he or she deems it is time to combine them to their greatest effect.

10. These two ways of operating are legitimate in Thelemic systems. Each has its advantages and its disadvantages.

11. The two methods serve different types of individuals. Neither will serve fools or persons unwilling to discover themselves and CHANGE!

Fr 939 .'.

Love is the law, love under will.

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